Special use of led lamps

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Special use of led lamps

White-light LED bulbs are highly efficient and have a leading position in low-power markets such as flashlights, solar garden lights, pedestrian street lamps and bicycle lights.Monochrome LED lights are commonly used for traffic lights and holiday lighting.

In 2010, LED lights became a hot topic in horticulture and agriculture.NASA pioneered LED lighting in space, followed by home and commercial indoor gardening.These special lamps are specially designed for planting. Their light waves are exactly the wavelength of chlorophyll absorption, which promotes growth and reduces the light waves not absorbed by plants, causing waste.In the visible spectrum, photosynthesis requires only red and blue, so these lamps are designed to have both.These leds provide the same luminance, require no ballast, and generate much less heat than gas discharge lamps, making them ideal for indoor planting.Less heat can reduce evapotranspiration, thus reducing the number of irrigation.Therefore, when using these lamps, the plants should not be over-watered.

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